Navigating the Maze of Government: The Website

USA Government
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Navigating the maze of the United States government is difficult. Although the basic outline of our government is easy to grasp (i.e. the separation of powers into the legislative, judicial, and executive branches), there are so many other agencies and services within the government that one needs a road map to navigate it properly. Fortunately, a map is available: the website.

The website has a user-friendly layout. If you visit the website with a specific topic in mind, you may find yourself using the search box, conveniently located at the top of the page. However, if you need more guidance regarding your topic, the website layout is very helpful and logical.

Some people may visit the site hoping to find a government job, since such positions are known for their excellent benefits. The site makes it very easy to search for jobs by location or specialty. It also provides ready access to common questions many applicants have about government jobs.

Other common services are available as well, such as changing one’s address through the US Postal Service. You can also apply for a passport online and even shop government auctions and find the cheapest gas prices in your area.

As one would expect, the site also offers numerous educational resources for learning more about the myriad number of government agencies as well as more in-depth resources about the organization of the US government into the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. You can find information on anything from the United States Army to the National Weather Service.

The site is especially useful for students and others wanting to understand the basic “nuts and bolts” of the US Government. One of the recognized strengths of the US Government is its built-in checks and balances system, with no one branch holding superior power over the others. This website provides easy-to-understand information regarding each branch of the federal government.

In addition to explicitly detailing the responsibilities of each branch of government, the website includes helpful graphics to educate the reader on governmental checks and balances. You can even find contact information regarding your local representative and state senators.

As well as providing numerous helpful resources about the federal government, offers guidance on local and state resources, including travel and tourism tips. From the National Park Service to fishing and hunting licenses, there are countless aids available. For anyone wanting to become more educated about how the United States government functions or the countless resources it offers, the website is a virtual storehouse of helpful information.