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About 3BranchesofGovernment.com

There are many types of governments in the world, but the founders of the United States wanted to invent an entirely new system that is fair for everyone. They believed that three independent branches of the government would create a balance of power to prevent corruption. While it may seem overwhelming when you begin to learn about this complex system, 3BranchesofGovernement.com is here to guide you through it with ease.

We strive to bring civics to life through fun puzzles, quizzes and games as well as thoughtful articles and interesting presentations. These highly engaging materials about the U.S. government are both easy to understand and visually appealing to a wide range of audiences. We want to inspire every current and future American citizen to be independent thinkers who embrace civic virtues.

Become an Informed Citizen

It is our civic duty to be informed citizens by knowing the basic foundation of our government as well as how it functions and serves us, the American people. This knowledge becomes power because we can use the system as it was meant to be used – to hold our government officials accountable to the people. We hope this awareness inspires you to take action in your communities and get involved in changing the issues that you are concerned about.

Since we want you to have more knowledge about the topics that are currently being debated in our society today, the content on our website covers much more than the three branches of government. Alongside lessons on the structure of the United States government, we also cover the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, the Amendments, checks and balances, impeachment processes and much more.

Your Trusted Source for Unbiased Research

The internet is a great tool for quickly finding information, but not all information is created equal. Sometimes it is difficult to know if a resource is accurate or if the perspective is biased. The goal of 3BranchesofGovernement.com is to provide a fun, factual and educational experience without any political slants or objectives.

We aim to become a trusted scholarly resource for anyone – teachers, students, parents or American citizens – who is looking to learn about the major events that shaped our nation’s great democracy. The educational content is written by knowledgeable historians and experienced educators who are passionate about the topics they are presenting. All facts are independently verified with multiple references, books and online sources, and we review the information each year to make sure it is currently correct.

We Welcome Your Feedback!

We are diligent in our efforts to get things right. If you notice a factual error, have a suggestion for a resource that offers another point of view, or you would like to request coverage of a specific topic, then we would love to hear from you. We will correct the verified mistakes as quickly as possible or respond to you for more information if necessary. Reach out to us on our contact form.